New: MCA Map Pro – Process Mapping

Many college processes are not designed, but evolve, often in a very ad hoc way, with changes in circumstances and personnel making matters worse. Where major reorganisations and mergers happen this can lead to a situation in which the original process no longer fits the revised organisation structure. In this situation the personnel involved often need to find a workaround solution. This is stressful, inefficient and almost always expensive.

Problems also occur where processes are not adequately documented and key members of the team leave, taking with them valuable procedural knowledge.

MCA Map Pro provides an ideal and totally transparent way to harmonise, re-align and/or just generally improve processes to effect beneficial change.

MCA Map Pro is more than just revolutionary, market leading process mapping software. It is a whole support system including input from trained process mapping specialists.

Our consultants will undertake the initial mapping exercise and train your personnel on how to get the best from the software.

Click on the link below to find out more information on MCA Map Pro.

Alternatively, view our MCA Map Pro Case Study on Hull College by clicking here.

“Following the success we had in mapping our MIS processes it was an easy decision to extend it to other processes in the College.  The response from everyone was very positive..”

Carole Kitching, Principal, Lewisham Southwark College

Map Pro – Launch Event Coverage

Our recent Launch Event for MCA Map Pro was a huge success – thank you to everyone who attended!

Malcolm Cooper, MD MCA
Robert Leitch, Associate Director MCA
Carole Kitching, Principal Lewisham Southwark College

FE News Article – Process Mapping

FE News have recently published an article by Malcolm on process mapping. Click here to read the article.

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