MCA Map Pro – Case Study

Client Challenges

Hull College Group (HCG) have been using MCA Map Pro since October 2017. It was introduced to HCG following a competitive tendering process as part of a recovery plan that reviewed all aspects of the College in order to improve financial performance.

As part of the recovery plan process, HCG felt it was important to examine all processes in order to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies, highlight duplication and identify cost savings. This covered all aspects of HCG operations.

Why Was MCA Map Pro Chosen?

MCA Map Pro was chosen for a number of reasons. During the initial demonstration it was evident that the software would be a significant enabler in HCG understanding each process in granular detail. The software is an adaptable, agile tool that can be used on an ongoing basis. This proved ideal for capturing the real time thoughts of the team.

The support from the MCA team was also invaluable as MCA consultants worked with over 100 HCG team members in prioritising and communicating activity.

MCA Map Pro is an all encompassing, long term solution that will identify opportunities for improvement in all areas.

How Was It Implemented?

To begin with, 3 MCA consultants became involved with the HCG team and agreed to split the processes into 4 key areas:

Student Journey, Apprenticeship Journey, Employer Journey, Employee Journey

Starting with the Student Journey, the MCA team held a series of workshops that identified a whole series of process maps for each element of the journey from enquiry through to retention and progression. This provided the team with a clear, end to end view of the entire Student Journey.

Once MCA Map Pro had documented these processes, the next part of implementation was to work with the management team in identifying ideal processes, system specification requirements to support this and where there were multiple sources of data.

Following this, an implementation plan with a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consult and Inform) for each task will be rolled out for the entire Student Journey. The process is being repeated for each of the other 3 journeys identified.

The Benefits Of Using MCA Map Pro

MCA Map Pro has been critical to the long term change management plan for HCG. The key benefits have been:

  • Establishing areas for process improvement
  • Identifying duplication of activity and data
  • Defining job roles and responsibilities
  • The software and process maps are simple to use, view and adapt for the whole team
  • Identifying system specifications to support the anticipated changes
  • Time, resource and cost savings that are an output of refining processes
  • The software becomes an ongoing resource and tool for the team as they implement and embed change management processes

‘The knowledge and experience of the FE sector Malcolm and his team have is phenomenal. Starting my project to process map both “as is “and “to be” learner journeys has been invaluable in my introduction into the FE sector…’

Paul Whiting, Project Manager, Petroc

We have years of experience in business management in both the private sector and in FE colleges. Our experience positions us to understand the problems faced by the Further Education Sector but with knowledge of what can be achieved outside the sector.