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MCA Cooper Associates
MCA Cooper Associates MCA Cooper Associates MCA Cooper Associates MCA Cooper Associates
We are an independent organisation specialising in further education colleges and Government funded training providers throughout the UK on a range of financial management and general management issues.
MCA Welcomes New Associate Director

MCA Cooper Associates are pleased to welcome John Morgans as our new Associate Director. John has just completed his involvement in project managing a successful merger of two Midlands Colleges. Prior to his involvement in the FE Sector he was involved in the energy sector and his private sector experience also includes exposure to mergers and acquisitions.

John will head up MCA projects involving college reorganisations as the Area Review process progresses towards its planned conclusion in March 2017. He will also be a senior member of our wider consultancy team.

"We are delighted to welcome John to the team" said Malcolm Cooper, MD of MCA, "he comes with an impressive CV and very recent Sector reorganisation experience which I am sure will prove to be invaluable to our clients over the next few years".


I need to improve the bottom line and I think to do so I must lower my total staff costs. Is the best way to do this to look at reducing the amount of temporary staff?


Not necessarily. In our experience the problem of high staff costs is often due to under-utilised permanent staff. Usually temporary staff are recruited because they have the skills the College needs, so to reduce them would be counterproductive and could lead to operational problems. An exercise to examine staff utilisation is what is needed, coupled with good curriculum planning.

Association of Colleges Annual Conference

MCA will once again have Stand F2 at the AoC Annual Conference from 15th to 17th November 2016. "This year is our fifteenth anniversary", said Keith Oxspring, Associate Director, "and it is the fourteenth that we have supported this event. People see us here so often I think some of them think we never go home", he quipped. "We attended another event at the venue recently and it felt quite strange walking past our pitch and seeing someone else using it!"

Why not pay us a call for a chocolate, notebook, pen, or just for a chat!

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MCA Merger Support

We can offer a range of merger support ranging from the earliest discussions about feasibility through to project managing the actual merger.

"We are anticipating Sector merger activity like we've never seen before", said John Morgans, Associate Director, "and MCA are ideally placed to offer the necessary support".

Malcolm Cooper believes that MCA's unique knowledge of reorganisations in the FE Sector built up over the past fifteen years means that it is the best choice for colleges. "Mergers in this sector have different characteristics from many in the Private Sector. Therefore the skill set needed is different," he commented. "Take Due Diligence as an example. In the private sector there are checks that need to be carried out that have no relevance whatsoever in a college setting, but colleges may find themselves paying for those checks to be undertaken because they are part of a standard list and this is what leads to the astronomical fees that one hears about. Our specialist knowledge positions us to identify the real risk areas and to tailor our fees accordingly".

Our Merger Support Includes:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Area Review Support/Advice
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management
  • Interim Management Support
Why not call us to discuss your needs.

Need an Interim Manager?... Meet MCAllister

MCA's latest recruit MCAllister will take care of all your Interim Management needs. He works 24/7 to help you find exactly the person you need.

In our fifteenth year, we can look back on many examples of Interim Managers we have supplied to colleges who have made a big difference. Interims are knowledgeable, experienced, flexible and can be relied upon to make an immediate impact.

MCA can provide Interims in all key functions and from Principal to Head of Function.

To enrol MCAllister's help all you need to do is complete the drop-down boxes on either our website or on our weekly emails, to specify what you are looking for and we will do the rest. We guarantee to give you a response within 24 hours.

MCA Premium Partners

MCA Premium Partners is a concept that MCA introduced about five years ago, it is very simple but affords benefits to all those who are involved and this is how it works:

If MCA receive a request for specialist input in an area that is fast moving e.g. FE funding and if we do not have suitably experienced and qualified people in our team, we approach our Premium Partner Colleges to see if they do have the expertise. If they do and they are willing to supply it to us we bring the relevant member of their team into ours for the duration and pay the College, or the individual the market rate. Simple!

Malcolm Cooper, MD of MCA comments, "Everyone benefits, the client obtains the necessary advice/support, the individual enhances their CV, the College earns some much-needed income and MCA are able to satisfy our client's requirements".

We are always looking for new Premium Partners. Why not ring us for more information.
Contact us on 01226 767628 or speak to
Malcolm Cooper direct on 07950 931389
MCA Cooper Associates
MCA Cooper Associates MCA Cooper Associates MCA Cooper Associates
MCA Cooper Associates MCA Cooper Associates MCA Cooper Associates
MCA Cooper Associates
MCA Cooper Associates