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Gateway College Plays Host

The MCA Cooper Associates' Improvement Planning Roadshow rolled into Leicester on Friday 10th October at Gateway College.

In common with the first two seminars at MCA Headquarters in Sheffield and at Croydon College there was a healthy turnout and the feedback was very positive.

What the delegates said
"Extremely well organised and slick event with excellent tips. Interesting presenters with right amount of time spent on each presentation"
"Great opening"
"Great session- a real value-added approach"
"An excellent seminar with key factors to consider going forward"

The content is certainly hitting the spot with colleges and other stakeholders. The latest event again saw strong representation from the major banks and others who are interested in what happens in FE and of course colleges. "We have now staged these events in the North, South East and Midlands" said Associate Director Adrian Ford, "but the topics covered continue to be so relevant to colleges and their stakeholders at the moment that demand is still strong, so we intend to stage further events early in 2015".

"The seminars are free, so the only commitment delegates need to make is their time. We even throw in a buffet lunch" explains Malcolm Cooper, MD of MCA, "so why wouldn't people attend?"

Watch out for our seminars next year. They are coming to a venue near you!
Our management team have been discussing if we should rebrand our college. How should we go about this?

A rebranding project should be taken very seriously as it involves a lot of work. Initially, extensive market research should be completed in order to assess the current perceptions of your brand and branding. Research should be both qualitative and quantitative. The blend of qualitative and quantitative data should be used to draw conclusions on your current brand positioning.

Once you are confident on how you are perceived in the marketplace, it is then necessary to establish where you want to be. Are you close to the ideal or far from it? Once you understand where you are currently with your branding and where you want to be, it is important to agree the strategy to bridge the gap.
The strategy will involve a variety of marketing and brand building activities such as a new logo, new marketing communication methods, brand guidelines and brand champions. It is important to select the right tools for the situation ensuring that reviews and measurement time is also planned in.

A rebranding project can be an over whelming task, we would always recommend seeking advice for independent, qualified professionals. If you would like any further information please click here.
Association of Colleges Annual Conference

MCA will once again have Stand F2 at the AoC Annual Conference from 18th to 20th November 2014.

"This will be the twelfth consecutive year we have supported the event", said Neil Reed, Senior Associate Director. "People see us here so often I think some of them think we never go home", he quipped. "We attended another event at the venue recently and it felt quite strange walking past our pitch and seeing someone else using it!"

Why not pay us a call for a chocolate, notebook, pen, mint or just for a chat!
Learn more by visiting www.aocconference2014.co.uk/
Need to Recruit Senior Finance Personnel?

MCA have years of experience of recruiting top-level finance personnel for FE colleges.

The MCA recruitment service takes on responsibility for the whole recruitment process from advising on the job and person specifications to developing a long list and short list through to the selection of the most suitable candidate. Our service combines many years' experience in finance and years of in-depth FE sector knowledge with appropriate modern recruitment methodologies.

"In addition to financial expertise, we can provide that extra resource that makes heavy demands on any college senior team when it recruits to a top post. The ultimate choice of applicant of course must be made by the governors and senior team but what leads up to that point takes an enormous amount of time and effort which a fully-stretched team cannot always find." Says Neil Reed, Senior Associate Director at MCA. "Years of working in finance and the FE sector have given us the ability to ask searching question that can really sort the wheat from the chaff. Having objective qualified advice can make all the difference."
Malcolm Cooper is in no doubt that the cost of employing specialist recruiters provides value for money. "Colleges often think that handling this internally is the cheapest option, but this can prove to be a false economy. If the right amount of qualified, experienced scrutiny is not applied to available candidates, the outcome can be very expensive indeed. Colleges cannot afford to get this appointment wrong!"

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Here is a small selection of interims we have available:


Qualified Accountant (Quote Ref: 10SMFI)
Chartered Management Accountant with a number of years' experience College SMTs having managed all resourcing functions. Has significant capital project management experience. Available immediately.

Qualified Accountant (Quote Ref: 27CMFI)
Chartered Management Accountant with a number of years experience in college CMT. Would be ideal in a Head of Finance/FD/SMT support role. Available for immediate start in North East.

Senior Qualified Academies Accountant (Quote Ref: 42SMFI)
Chartered Management Accountant with many years' experience in various sectors. Recent assignments have included providing advice and support to converter academies. Ideal as an Interim FD or Business Manager for converter academies or FE colleges. Available for an immediate start in the Midlands.


Experienced MIS Manager (Quote Ref: 6CMIS)
Number of years experience in various colleges in charge of MIS function. In depth knowledge of funding, eligibility requirements, ILR returns, audit compliance and of the LIS, DSAT, ProAchieve and Capita Unit-e management software system. Available for immediate start.

Experienced MIS Manager (Quote Ref: 38CMIS)
Highly experienced Further Education MIS professional committed to ensuring high standards of data integrity. Many years FE experience including data systems migrations and preparation of ILR and HEIFES returns.

Experienced MIS Manager (Quote Ref: 33CMIS)
15 years' experience in various colleges in both employed and consultancy capacities in charge of MIS function. Project management experience and track record of helping colleges to successfully change MIS systems. Available for immediate start.


Construction/Engineering Specialist (Quote Ref: 5 CMCU)
Senior Curriculum Manager with experience in both Construction and Engineering. Available for an immediate start in any location.

Work Based Learning Specialist (Quote Ref: 28 CMCU)
Experienced Curriculum Manager with experience in Work Based Learning. Available for an immediate start in any location.

STEM/Engineering Specialist (Quote Ref: 55 SMCU)
Senior Curriculum Manager with experience in STEM and mainstream engineering. Available for an immediate start in any location.


Experienced HR Manager (Quote Ref: 13CMHR)
Ideal to step into an emergency situation. Many years' experience in a broad range of roles. Available in the North for an immediate start.


European Funding Specialist (Quote Ref: 3 SMGE)
Experienced European funding specialist with experience in both HE and FE. Available for an immediate start on project –based assignments in any location.

Health and Safety Manager (Quote Ref: 5 CMCU)
Experienced Health and Safety Manager who can teach, deliver training courses or undertake a business support role. Available for an immediate start in any location.

Experienced Project Manager (Quote Ref: 43CMPA)
Very experienced Prince 2 qualified FE professional with pre-inspection planning and project management experience. Over fifteen years education sector experience. Available for an immediate start.