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Association of Colleges Annual Conference
As usual we shall be exhibiting at the Association of Colleges Annual Conference on our normal stand, F1 in the Foyer near the lift and we would be delighted to welcome you.

Why not visit us? We are showcasing a number of new services.
MCA Premium Partners
MCA Premium Partners is a concept that MCA introduced about seven years ago, it is very simple but affords benefits to all those who are involved and this is how it works:

If MCA receive a request for specialist input in an area that is fast moving e.g. FE funding and if we do not have suitably experienced and qualified people in our team, we approach our Premium Partner Colleges to see if they do have the expertise. If they do and they are willing to supply it to us we bring the relevant member of their team into ours for the duration and pay the College, or the individual the market rate. Simple!

Malcolm Cooper, MD of MCA comments:

”Everyone benefits, the Client College obtains the necessary advice/support, the individual enhances their CV, the College earns some much-needed income and MCA are able to satisfy our Client’s requirements”.

We are always looking for new Premium Partners. Why not ring us for more information.
Need an Interim Manager? ...Meet MCAllister
MCA MCA’s latest recruit MCAllister will take care of all your Interim Management needs. He works 24/7 to help you find exactly the person you need.

In this, our eighteenth year, we can look back on many examples of Interim Managers we have supplied to colleges who have made a big difference. Interims are knowledgeable, experienced, flexible and can be relied upon to make an immediate impact.

MCA can provide Interims in all key functions and from Principal to Head of Function.

To enrol MCAllister’s help all you need to do is complete the drop-down boxes on either our website or on our regular emails, to specify what you are looking for and we will do the rest.

We guarantee to give you a response within 24 hours.

Click here to complete our enquiry form.
Process Mapping Can Improve Your Bottom Line!
Many college processes are not designed, but evolve, often in a very ad hoc way, with changes in circumstances and personnel making matters worse.

Where major reorganisations and mergers happen, this can lead to a situation in which the original process no longer fits the revised organisation structure. In this situation the personnel involved often need to find a workaround solution. This is stressful, inefficient and almost always expensive. Problems also occur where processes are not adequately documented and key members of the team leave, taking with them valuable procedural knowledge.

MCA Map Pro provides an ideal and totally transparent way to harmonise, re-align and/or just generally improve processes to effect beneficial change.

MCA Map Pro is more than just revolutionary, market leading process mapping software. It is a whole support system including input from trained process mapping specialists. Our consultants will undertake the initial mapping exercise and train your personnel on how to get the best from the software.

Click on the link below to find out more information on MCA Map Pro. Alternatively, view our MCA Map Pro Case Study on Hull College by clicking here.
Student Acquisition & Retention Analysis (SARA)
This is a new service being offered by MCA.

Which Colleges would Benefit from the Analysis?
Any college looking to increase the number of learners and/or extend the time learners spend with the college would benefit from this analysis. This could be an established college, a college that has recently merged or one that has decided to expand its course offering. The analysis is also relevant to any college looking to maximise its return on marketing spend and review its marketing strategy and activity.

What Does the Analysis Involve?
The analysis involves looking at a number of areas:
  • Student Recruitment Review - Highly detailed outcome led review in the high-risk area of student recruitment.

  • Progression Analytics - Mapping ROI, multi-channel metrics and integrating core SIS means progression analytics and progression modelling can give core insight into potential shifts in progression and or early indication of progression trend.

  • Educational Omni-Channel Marketing Consultation - Specific educational omni-channel marketing strategy and implementation. Marketing strategy and review including impact analysis, metric analysis and ROI from enquiry to enrolment.

  • In depth outcome led system metric analysis/ visualisation/ remodelling - Systems led data analysis, CRM/ enquiry line/ Website and UX/UI analysis including usability testing and E2E process validation.
  • Systems Mapping - Once the process map is complete, the next stage is to map the integrated systems that work across the processes. Integrating systems on top of mapped processes ensures the continued delivery of efficiencies across the roadmap of changes. This includes:

  • Systems Identification
  • Project Planning
  • Systems Due Diligence & Procurement
  • Curriculum planning & MIS/SIS systems
  • Curriculum eILP and VLE systems
  • Skill Development and Training
  • MCA Map Pro (additional service)
What Are the Benefits?
The benefits to a college are profound and include:
  • Increased student enquiries
  • Increased student conversion
  • Extended student journey
  • Increased ROI on marketing activity
  • Marketing spend savings
  • Team and resource efficiencies to produce a higher ROI per team member
  • Team and resource efficiencies to produce a higher ROI per team member
  • New and updated processes that are embedded into the college
  • Enhanced understanding of the student population which will make decision making more effective
How Do I Find Out More Information?

If you would like to know more about the Student Acquisition & Retention Analysis, please get in touch.

Call us: 01226 767628 or 07950 931389
Email us:
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