Additional Learning Support (ALS)

In recent years many of the Colleges we have worked with report increasing demand for Additional Learning Support (ALS) from students and apprentices across all ages. Alongside this trend of increasing demand for ALS the relatively new arrangements for High Needs Students are still bedding in.

At MCA Cooper Associates we have a team of sector specialists who can work with you to build an outstanding ALS provision in your college and advise on ensuring you get the appropriate funding for this activity.

Ask yourself the following questions, if your answer is maybe or not now, we will be able to help:

  • Do we have an agreed whole college strategic approach to ALS?
  • Are we claiming all appropriate ALS costs?
  • Do we review our ALS rates e.g. staffing rates, at least annually to ensure they are up to date?
  • Does our initial assessment identify students and apprentices who need ALS in a timely manner?
  • Have all our staff had training to understand and deliver effective ALS?
  • Do we have robust processes and systems in place to provide effective ALS?
  • Are we receiving appropriate funding for our HNS – element 2 and top up funding?
  • Are we receiving appropriate funding for our AEB students and apprentices?
  • Are we able to accurately record ALS for adults and apprentices and post to the ILR and the Earning Adjustment Statement?
  • Do our records support our ALS claim and satisfy audit requirements?

We take pride in designing tailored support to meet individual college requirements and have a team ready to support you.

If you would like help and advice answering the questions above and any other questions regarding Additional Learning Support then please contact us on 07950 931389 or at

FE News have recently published an article on this topic. 

“I have known Malcolm for a number of years during which time I have had experience of how MCA work. Malcolm has led various MCA projects for us. They adopt a very user-friendly approach and demonstrate their many years’ of FE experience which enables them to get right to the heart of the matter very quickly. I am happy to recommend them without hesitation.”

Debra Gray, Grimsby College

We have years of experience in business management in both the private sector and in FE colleges. Our experience positions us to understand the problems faced by the Further Education Sector but with knowledge of what can be achieved outside the sector.