Improving the Bottom Line
Independent Schools are one area of the education sector in which MCA Cooper Associates have experience. A typical Independent School must cope with a very difficult balancing act in which there is the need and desire to provide a quality service to satisfy very demanding parents whilst offering competitive fees at a level that allows them to remain financially viable.

One area in which this challenge can be made more difficult is in the efficient utilisation of teaching resource. In our experience, over time the amount of teaching resource that the School employs can become out of balance with what is actually required to deliver the curriculum effectively. Schools must have a clear curriculum plan which identifies the resource needed and this must then be compared with available resource.

Often, our clients have found that it is beneficial to call on an outside, objective view of this process. MCA can provide this objective view. We can use our experience of other situations and call upon what we know can work to suggest improvements which can prove to be substantial.

Support Function Reviews
We can also help with support functions. At the heart of an efficient “back office” function is a well thought out organisation structure. It is sometimes difficult for school managers and governors who are very close to the situation on a daily basis to form an objective view. We can provide the independent and objective view that is needed. We have years of experience of undertaking such studies and understand what to look for.

Recruitment of Senior Finance Personnel
In a modern Independent School it is essential to have clear visibility of the school’s financial situation.

MCA have years of experience in recruiting top-level finance personnel for educational organisations. Schools are now typically choosing to use the designation Business Manager or Finance Director rather than Bursar. The role however, does need to be wider than pure finance and Senior Finance Managers in modern Independent Schools also need to be commercially aware and astute and be able to advise and reassure the Senior Leadership Team and the Board on not only finances but other business matters and support functions as well. The MCA recruitment service takes responsibility for the whole recruitment process from advising on the job and person specifications to the selection of the most suitable candidate. Our service combines many years’ experience in finance and education with appropriate recruitment methodologies.

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