Student Acquisition & Retention Analysis

Which Colleges Would Benefit?

Any college looking to increase the number of learners and/or extend the time they spend with the college. This could be an existing college, a college that has recently merged or has decided to expand their course offering. The service is also relevant to any college looking to maximise their return on marketing spend and review their marketing strategy and activity.

What Does The Analysis Involve?

The analysis involves looking at a number of areas:

  • Student Recruitment Review – Highly detailed outcome led review in the high-risk area of student recruitment.
  • Acquisition and Retention Optimisation – Mining valuable data from disparate systems to identify short, mid and long-term recruitment risk patterns and high-risk income inefficiencies.
  • Recruitment Trend and Geo-Data Metrics – Detailed insight into recruitment trend analytics, footfall patterns including geo-data and demographic metrics and deep dive competitor analysis.
  • Progression Analytics – Mapping ROI, multi-system metrics and core SIS data allows more in-depth and detailed progression analytics, modelling and forecasting.
  • Educational Omni-Channel Marketing Consultation – Specific educational Omni-channel marketing strategy and implementation. Marketing strategy review including impact analysis, metric analysis and ROI from enquiry to enrolment. Including internal marketing, progression strategy and analysis.
  • Outcome led system metric analysis/ visualisation/remodelling – Systems led data analysis, CRM/Enquiry line/ Open Events, website and UX/UI analysis including lead generation, usability testing and enquiry to enrolment process validation. If you increase lead conversion and subsequent enrol conversion, significant income can be profiled.
  • MCA Map Pro – Process & Systems Mapping – MCA Map Pro is an additional service that compliments SARA. MCA Map Pro is a revolutionary, market leading process mapping software that involves a whole support system and input from trained process mapping specialists. MCA Map Pro provides an ideal and totally transparent way to harmonise, re-align and/or just generally improve processes for beneficial change.

Once the process map is complete; the next potential stage is to map the integrated systems that work across the processes. Integrating the right systems on top of the mapped processes ensures the continued delivery of efficiencies across the roadmap of changes.

Additional Services – We can also offer advice on:

  • Systems Identification
  • Project Planning
  • Systems Due Diligence & Procurement
  • Curriculum planning & MIS/SIS systems
  • Curriculum eILP and VLE systems
  • Skill Development and Training

How Do I Find Out More Information?

If you would like to know more about the Student Acquisition & Retention Audit, please get in touch.

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What Are The Benefits?

The benefits to a college are profound and include:

  • Increased student enquiries
  • Increased student conversion
  • Increased student progression and retention
  • Extended student journey
  • Increased ROI on all marketing activity
  • Immediate efficiencies and cost saving across systems and curriculum
  • Team and resource efficiencies to produce a higher ROI per team member
  • New and updated processes that are embedded into the college
  • Enhanced understanding of the student population which will make decision making more effective