The knowledge and experience of the FE sector Malcolm and his team have is phenomenal. Starting my project to process map both “as is “and “to be” learner journeys has been invaluable in my introduction into the FE sector!

Collaborating through a series of workshops with MCA involving myself and the subject matter experts it has been extremely eye opening. Initially there were reservations from some attendees around how the workshops would run which were very short lived. With a workshop facilitator having personal in-depth knowledge of the FE sector resulted in extremely high engagement levels, added to this the use of the MCA Map Pro software. The ability to map a process remotely at the speed of conversation and for workshop attendees to see their own story visually evolving as a process map before their eyes I truly believe brought immediate buy in from anyone who had early concerns around the process. The maps are in-depth whilst easy to digest without specialist training from CEO down to grass roots level staff. The ability to map high level processes and with just a click delve deeper into much more detailed views make the maps engaging and informative for levels from CEO through to grass roots employees.

The experience of involving the subject matter experts at ground level – those who carry out the process daily, gave confidence to openly discuss pain points, warts ‘n all during the “as is” mapping. An immediate understanding of their views-built trust that the feedback was being taken seriously and gave the confidence to make recommendations of where they saw process improvements that would make an impact.

The benefits of developing and implementing a continuous “Process Management Policy” will ensure regular reviews happen. Where pain points can be addressed earlier resulting in a much more positive work flow delivering continuous improvements that all areas of the business will feel the benefit from.

Paul Whiting, Project Manager, Petroc
MCA provided an impeccable and rapid service to match us with a new interim Chief Finance Officer at very short notice. The new CFO has already integrated with the team and has brought her extensive experience to our complex situation to enable Highbury College to continue its progress to stability. Thanks Malcolm.
Penny Wycherley, Interim Principal & Chief Executive, Highbury College Portsmouth

The MCA Cooper Associates team worked well with school staff. They respected the need to get on with normal school business and had a good understanding of how busy managers in the school were. Their review was helpful. It concluded much of what we already thought, but was useful to have someone independent undertake an assessment. Their report was well structured and clear. I am glad that we brought MCA Cooper Associates in to complete this piece of work and would recommend them to other schools.

Gill Wetherill, Head of HR and Administration at The Grammar School at Leeds

We asked MCA Cooper Associates to undertake a review of the Curriculum offered at Teesside High School and where they could identify areas of savings in our
overhead structure, concentrating initially on teaching. After only one meeting we were confident that they would deliver us the answers we were looking for. They were able to quickly grasp and understand the school’s particular features and ways of working, making their own observations and analysing the substantial amounts of data we provided.

I would be happy to recommend them to other schools to perform similar work.

Christopher Neave, Chair of the Board of Governors, Teesside High School

We have just finished our external audit and financial statements and have a significant surplus, thanks in part to your review of our business plan in January!

Biram Desai, Vice Principal Corporate Services

I am so pleased I have attended today – I haven’t ever been to a conference before where I have learnt so much. Information given was so clear and concise no waffle! I would recommend MCA events to others without reservation.

Seminar Delegate, May 2015

MCA Cooper Associates provided the College with interim financial management for a period during 2012. The service provided was excellent. The member of staff supplied had considerable experience and expertise and did a great job for us. The service provided by Malcolm and his team at MCA was professional and responsive. I would feel happy to recommend MCA Cooper Associates to other colleges in need of interim financial management solutions.

Amanda Mosek, Principal at Boston College

We found that MCA Cooper Associates were highly responsive to our needs. Their approach was professional and flexible, specifically tailored to meet our brief. They produced two reports for us, the first aimed at the Board as audience and the second for staff, both were effective in supporting us to improve our work.

Jill Westerman, Principal at Northern College

The College were delighted with the work MCA Cooper Associates undertook for us. Their review of curriculum efficiency and the links made to our future estates strategy were insightful. They worked efficiently with the staff without creating any additional burden on their time, which is not always the case when consultants work with colleges! They were both responsive and flexible and I am happy to recommend them.

Linda Houtby, Principal at Grantham College

“The MCA Cooper Associates team worked well with school staff. I am glad that we brought in to complete a piece of work and would recommend them to other schools”

Gill Wetherill, The Grammar School at Leeds

We have years of experience in business management in both the private sector and in FE colleges. Our experience positions us to understand the problems faced by the Further Education Sector but with knowledge of what can be achieved outside the sector.